Thursday, January 8, 2015

MauseCorp 'Chocolate' - Teaser Animatic

Hello everyone! I wanted to add this to my portfolio for a long time. Here is the animatic I created for the teaser of the show 'MauseCorp', a concept co-developed with Juanma Sanchez at Genoma Animation Studios.

Drawings are not any wonder, but enough to define the visual ideas, beats, timming and acting performances we needed for production. I also used reference audios, but this time I'm showing the animatic with the final teaser audio track. Hope you like it!

Wanna watch the final result? Just click here!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Animating in 'Space Racers'!

Almost a year of work since my last post. During 2013 I have been able to work with Genoma Animation as character animator in Space Racers, a new coming TV show by Mark Risley. Here is the official opening of the show.

With 50 episodes all set, the show is ready to blast off in US public TV and broadcasters around the world in 2014... and looks really promising!! I wish for it an astonishing flight!

Check out the Official Site and Facebook page:
--> Facebook: SpaceRacers

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Best Animated Shortfilm at Málaga Festival!

I wanted to post this a long time ago. 'BitSeller' won its first prize as Best Animated Shortfilm at the national Málaga Festival 2013! Hopefully it will be the first one of many to come. Congratulations to the team!

Read more about the news at the official malaga festival website.

Visit the official 'BitSeller' blog for more news about the shortfilm on festivals.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

'BitSeller' is finished! - Official Final Trailer

It's official. The production of 'BitSeller' is now finished and it's already visiting festivals all around the world. Congratulations to Juanma Sánchez (director) and the entire production team for creating such original piece of art. It's been a wonderful experience. Here I bring you the official final trailer and my best wishes to 'BitSeller'!

Ya es oficial. La producción de 'BitSeller' se ha dado por finalizada, y ya está visitando festivales por todo el mundo. Felicidades a Juanma Sánchez (director) y todo el equipo de producción por crear esta original obra de arte. Para mí ha sido toda una experiencia. Os dejo el trailer final oficial y mis mejores deseos para 'BitSeller'!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Reel 2012 - Animation and Storyboard

At last! Here is my Reel on Animation and Storyboard. This reel creatively showcases a selection of my works during the years 2008 to 2012, giving a glimpse into my skills on both storytelling and character animation, as well as their connection in vision and planning. Hope you like it!

Por fin! Aquí está mi Reel de Animación y Storyboard. Esta reel es una carta de presentación de mi trabajo en los años 2008 a 2012, centrada en mis cualidades de storytelling y animación de personajes, así como en mostrar la conexión que existe entre ambas en cuanto a visión y planificación. Espero que os guste!

--> Go to my main Reel section for detailed contribution and downloads.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Introducing 'BitSeller'! - Official Teaser

I am very proud to present you 'BitSeller', an animated feature shortfilm written and directed by great Juanma Sanchez and produced by Genoma Animation Studios in Granada.
Since the project started in 2010, I have had the priviledge to work in BitSeller mainly as Storyboard artist and 3D Character animator. The shortfilm is almost done by now and the experience with Juanma and the team has been really exciting and rewarding. And the result is just fantastic!

Me enorgullezco de presentaros 'BitSeller', un corto de animación para cine escrito y dirigido por el genial Juanma Sanchez, y producido en los estudios Genoma Animation de Granada.
Desde el nacimiento del proyecto en 2010, he tenido el privilegio de trabajar en 'BitSeller' principalmente como Storyboard artist y Animador de personajes 3D. Ahora, el corto está prácticamente acabado y la experiencia con Juanma y todo el equipo no ha podido ser más enriquecedora. ¡Y el resultado final es fantástico!

(Character animation in last shot is mine / La animación del último plano es mía ^_^)

Psst! Don't miss the Official BitSeller Blog for updates, cool images and more!
Links: BitSeller Official Blog | Genoma Animation - BitSeller

Thursday, October 18, 2012

MauseCorp - Teaser 'Chocolate!'

Hello everyone! Here you can watch the teaser of MauseCorp, the new TV show Juanma Sanchez and I have been creating and developing at Genoma Animation Studios. This new project is really cool and Juanma and I feel very proud about it. You can find some more info and extra material here.
I enjoyed as a kid working on this teaser 'Chocolate!' for its full script, storyboard-animatic, 3D animation and direction. Soon, I will bring you the animatic too ;) Enjoy!

Hola! Aquí podéis ver el teaser de MauseCorp, la nueva serie que Juanma Sanchez y yo hemos estado creando y desarrollando en Genoma Animation. Este nuevo engendro es un proyecto muy divertido del que Juanma y yo nos sentimos muy orgullosos. Podéis ver un poquito más de material aquí
Me lo pasé como un crío trabajando en este teaser, 'Chocolate!' en todo su guión, storyboard-animática, animación 3D y dirección. Pronto os traeré también la animática ;) Espero que os guste!